The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.

We believe setting up and maintaining a complex platform like Kubernetes from scratch is not where the race is won. Just like with Linux, building it once is a good educational experience but not for real use. Pharos is the complete, maintained and certified Kubernetes distribution that works on-premises, on any cloud and beyond!

Easy to Install, Maintain and Extend

Pharos is always up-to-date and built from the latest upstream Kubernetes, including a standardized set of essential features. It is easy to install and maintain with the dedicated CLI tool. The standard deployment may be extended with Helm charts or any custom Kubernetes yaml resources!


  • Kubernetes Kernel: v1.18
  • Supported Cluster Upgrade Strategies: Rolling (zero-downtime), Instant
  • Supported Infrastructure: Private datacenter, Public cloud, Hybrid, Edge
  • Supported Machine Types: Bare metal, VM
  • Supported Machine Architectures: Intel (x86-64), ARM (ARM64)
  • Supported Host Operating Systems: CentOS, Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu
  • Supported Cluster Data Store Options: In-cluster elastic etcd with TLS, External etcd with TLS
  • Supported Control Plane Availability Options: Single master, Multi-master
  • Supported Container Runtimes: Docker, containerd
  • Supported CNI Plugins: Weave, Calico, Custom
  • Supported Storage Providers:
    • Public Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, Custom
    • Private Cloud / On-Premises: OpenStack, VMWare VSphere, Custom
  • Built-In Security Conformance: CIS security benchmark, NIST SP 800-190
  • Built-In Security Features: RBAC, Pod security policies, Network policies, Cluster firewall (firewalld)
  • Built-In Networking Features:
    • Hybrid / Edge: Intelligent Network Mesh, Multi-cluster Networking
  • Built-In Applications Management Features: Helm
  • Built-In Metrics: Metrics Server
  • Source Code: Available on Github

Open Source

Pharos is 100% open source.

Documentation License


This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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