Cloud Providers

Pharos supports a concept of cloud providers. Cloud provider is a module that provides an interface for managing load balancers, nodes (i.e. hosts) and networking routes. Optionally you can also configure the path to the cloud provider specific configurations. For example:

  provider: openstack
  config: ./cloud-config

The supported configuration options:

  • provider - specify used cloud provider (default: no cloud provider)
  • config - path to provider specific cloud configuration (default: no configuration)

Supported Cloud Providers

There are different types of cloud providers support in Pharos.

Naturally we support all Kubernetes "in-tree" cloud providers:

Pharos has also built-in support for some cloud providers that are not built-in with Kubernetes:

Naturally any cloud provider support can be deployed via external addon. In this case set the cloud privder as external:

  provider: external

For external providers you need to also ensure kubelet has all the needed feature gates open and you push all needed configurations as part of the custom addon.

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