Pharos CLI Toolchain

Pharos clusters are deployed, managed and maintained with the pharos CLI tool. This tool is updated regularly. Often, the tool is updated when new version of Kubernetes "kernel" is released. The tool is also updated when new Pharos distro specific features are added.

In real world production environments, admins often run multiple versions of Pharos clusters. In order to perform maintenance for these clusters, admins need to juggle with multiple versions of pharos CLI tool: each deployed Pharos cluster will require a specific version of pharos tool for maintenance (NOTE: if newer version is used, the entire cluster will be upgraded to this new version). To make life easier for admins, there is a tool called chpharos.

With chpharos, it is easy to install and use multiple versions of pharos CLI tool. In addition, it will automatically install required versions of kubectl to match the version of Kubernetes running in your cluster. Use chpharos to have always up-to-date toolchain for deploying, managing and maintaining your Pharos clusters.

Install chpharos

curl -s | bash

or via MacOS Homebrew

brew install kontena/chpharos/chpharos

Then follow the instructions in the post install message to add it to your shell startup scripts.

Verify your chpharos installation

To verify your chpharos installation, use the chpharos --version command:

$ chpharos --version
chpharos 0.2.3

You should see chpharos x.y.z in the output

Download and install pharos CLI tool

Install the latest version of pharos CLI tool:

$ chpharos install latest

Alternatively, you can install specific version of pharos tool by providing version parameter:

$ chpharos install 1.2.3

See the list of all available versions:

$ chpharos list-remote
1.2.3 (installed)
1.2.2 (installed)
1.2.1 (installed)

Set and switch pharos CLI tool versions

When you install pharos tool versions with chpharos, they are not automatically set as current. You need to select one of the installed versions as current manually. Here are some useful commands to list and switch pharos tool versions:

  • chpharos list - List all installed pharos tool versions.
  • chpharos current - See the currently selected pharos tool version.
  • chpharos use <version> - Set current pharos tool version.

Verify current pharos CLI tool version

After you have set the version of pharos as current version, you can verify that by running:

$ pharos --version
pharos-cluster 1.2.3

You should see pharos-cluster x.y.z in the output matching the version of pharos set as current.


If you have reached this far, you have completed the setup of Pharos toolchain. Next, you can start spinning up some machines and deploying Pharos clusters!

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