Deploying Kontena Pharos Cluster with Terraform


The pharos CLI tool can read information from Terraform JSON output. In this scenario cluster.yml contents can be partially read from a Terraform JSON output file.

Terraform output JSON integration can be enabled with --tf-json option, for example:

$ terraform apply
$ terraform output -json > tf.json
$ pharos up -c cluster.yml --tf-json tf.json

This example can be also executed as a single step:

$ pharos tf apply -c cluster.yml

To tear-down cluster:

$ pharos tf destroy

Terraform Output Configuration

This output format works only with Terraform >= 0.12.

Full cluster.yml configuration can be generated via pharos_cluster output. It's also possible to generate partial configuration which is then merged to cluster.yml contents (using deep-merge).


output "pharos_cluster" {
    value = {
        hosts = [
            for host in concat(aws_instance.pharos_master, aws_instance.pharos_worker)  : {
                address           = host.public_ip
                private_address   = host.private_ip
                role              = host.tags["role"]
                user              = "root"
                container_runtime = "${var.container_runtime}"
        addons = {
            ingress-nginx = {
                enabled = true

Full Examples

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